I attended my first teen festival as an author this weekend. It was surreal, and I felt like Justin Bieber if Justin Bieber lived in Dallas and was married to a man. On Friday afternoon, I checked into my hotel and made a mad dash around my room. I was searching for a gift bag because I’d heard about authors getting them. There wasn’t a gift bag. I shrugged it off and told myself to stop being such a greedy, self-important ass. I mean, I already had a hotel room–I’m an author at an event and I have a hotel room!–what more did I need?

A few minutes later Mary Lindsey texted me. Where are you? Come downstairs. So I did. We hung out there for a bit before being taken to an author dinner at an indie book store, which was hella’ cool. I met a bunch of awesome authors at the dinner and ended up telling Simone Elkeles that I wanted to follow her around and smell her hair. This happened. Sometimes authors fangirl too.

The next morning, Mary Lindsey work me up via text talking about bacon and scissors. Considering it was 6:15 am, my reply wasn’t pretty. Love ya, Mary! Sorry about the death threats!

After breakfast we were picked up and taken to the school where the event was going down. We were herded into the library like cattle, and as we passed screaming teens, I held my chin up high and pretended I was Lady Gaga. I’m pretty sure they were staring at every other author besides me, but it’s fun to pretend.

Throughout the day, I spoke on four panels and discovered that when you don’t know the answer to something, you should just say Thor and everything will be okay. Long story, but it is what it is.

At the author signing, I nearly lost my turkey sandwich because I was nervous as hell that no one would get in my line to meet me. But crazy thing? I never didn’t have anyone waiting. If only those teens knew that it meant as much to me that they were in my line as it did to them.

Overall, it was one of the best experiences of my life. Seriously. I want to do it again times a million. Oh, and I got that gift bag! They handed them out at the author dinner. And yes, I totally got WAY too excited about it.


Headed to YAK Fest!


Me and Mary Lindsey at the Author Dinner


Me and Rosemary Clemment-Moore at the author dinner


Author gift bag!!!


Me and blogger Jen Bigheart in the author hospitality room


YAK Fest
My book cover on the big screen over the stage.


Pic of the panel I was on.


Victoria Scott
Me signing a sock per a teen’s request.


A reader gave me this at the signing. Serious cuteness!


This guy was in my signing line. Dante would dig his hat, I think.


Simone Elkeles took a pic with me even after I threatened to stalk her.