YAK Fest Recap

So, YAK Fest was the bomb.com. I arrived at my hotel on Friday evening and unpacked (napped), worked on my current project (napped), and finally got ready for dinner (yeah, I did that). The authors and YAK Fest volunteers ate at this super awesome book store called The Book Carriage, and let me tell you something, best lasagna ever. I met some kick ass authors, and hung out with some I already knew. Here’s a pic of Mari Mancusi, Megan Miranda, Jessica Brody, and yours truly.

YAK Fest authors

Also, Julie Kagawa wanted to use my hair to create a mustache.

YAK Fest 2013

When we got back to the hotel, Megan Miranda, Megan Shepherd, Sophie Jordan, Mari Mancusi, and I hung out in Julie Kagawa’s room and rehashed RT 2013. Good times all around. Then the indomitable Kagawa gave me this Dante Walker dragon that she made with her very own hands.

Dante Walker

Right? RIGHT?! It’s awesome. The next morning, we were introduced to at YAK Fest 2014, and Neal Shusterman gave a speech that made me fall in love with him. Seriously. After the speech I told him, “I fell in love with you when you were up on that stage.” It was uncomfortable for 2.5 seconds until he laughed and made me fall even deeper in love. Here’s a pic of the legend doing this thing.

YAK Fest 2013

Then, Joy Preble, Tara Hudson, Mary Lindsay, Heather Reid, Lindsay Cummings, and I spoke on three panels and people asked some seriously awesome questions, like who would we want to finish our books if we croaked (my answer: Kendare Blake). Here’s a shot of our audience.

Victoria Scott

About half way through the day, we ate lunch in the green room. They served yummy chili, but I stole left over lasagna. Boom! Also, I met some cool kids in the Escape Hatch, a place for teens to mingle with authors. Tara and I took this picture in said Escape Hatch, which I call the Fish Face Pose.

Victoria Scott

The day ended with book sales, lots of pics with readers, and drinks with fellow authors. Then there was more napping that lasted ten hours or so. Overall, a hugely successful event. Can’t wait until next year!