Let’s be honest, sometimes finding the motivation to write can be similar to…I don’t know…staying sober until 6pm. Some days it’s just not going to happen.

When you find yourself in this predicament, give vodka the day off, and reach for this list instead:

Victoria’s I’d-Rather-Stab-Myself-Than-Write-Today List to Keep You Motivated:

1. Go to Barnes & Noble. Like all those pretty, shiny books? Wish you had written one? KEEP WRITING.

2. There are people who don’t think you can do this. I promise there are. Prove them wrong. KEEP WRITING.

3. Want to keep working your lame day job forever? Or rather, want to have to find a day job? Didn’t think so. KEEP WRITING.

4. Who would you dedicate your book to? Imagine the look on their face when they open your published book and read your dedication to them. KEEP WRITING.

5. Ever wonder what it would be like to have someone ask for your autograph? It would be awesome. Trust me. KEEP WRITING.

6. Want to be remembered for something fabulous after you’re dancing the bug-a-boo in the afterlife? KEEP WRITING.

7. Want to have people read your work and tell you it’s their favorite book of all time? Then finish your shit. KEEP WRITING.

8. Want to get The Call that your book has sold and will be on bookshelves next year? KEEP WRITING.

9. Want to get asked, “So what do you do for a living?” and get to say, “Actually, I’m an author?” KEEP WRITING.

10. And finally, want to actualize a dream you’ve had since you were a kid? Feel like you accomplished the impossible? Beat the odds? Grabbed life by the horns and held on? Then, damn it, KEEP WRITING.


Hang in there, writers of the world. I will if you will. Love you, mean it.