When I wrote THE COLLECTOR, I didn’t have readers. I didn’t have people who stopped by my blog, or who paid attention to my tweets, or who said, “Hey Victoria, don’t give up, because we really want to read what you’re writing.” It’s hard writing without an audience. First, because that means every ounce of motivation has to come from within yourself. Second, because you have no idea what your readership wants. How can you draft a book for your fans…when you have no fans?

I knew all that going in to THE COLLECTOR. I knew it’d be hard, but I also knew I’d do it anyway, because publication was my end goal. So I couldn’t give up. Ever. But I never thought about what came afterward: writing when you do have an audience.

You guys haven’t read Dante Walker’s story, but so many of you have fallen for him already (so you say…which I obviously adore). So imagine my surprise when fear and anxiety took over when I began drafting book two. You guys want Dante. You want LOTS of him. And now I have to deliver. I didn’t know you’d be this excited when I wrote his first story, but now I know. And it’s terrifying. I hope you don’t think I’m complaining, because I’m often brought to tears of joy at the sheer number of tweets, emails, and FB posts I get asking about Dante Walker. It’s amazing!!!

Thank you for your encouragement. God…thank you. It pushes me to work harder, and faster. And reminds me why I chose to be an author.

I’m currently 15,000 words and 55 pages into book two, and I think it’s going well. At least I hope it is. Because if it’s not–I swear on my cat’s enormous gut–I fear there may be a massacre. 😉