WriteOnCon is a free online writing conference, and it’s going on now! I’m a huge advocate of writing conferences, especially since I met my agent at one last April. I think they’re a great way to improve your craft, meet other writers, and network with agents and editors. Unfortunately, conferences can be costly and require extensive travel to attend. That’s why I LOVE WriteOnCon. It combines the best of conferences, without any of the negatives. Over the last day and a half, I’ve read many posts from authors, agents, and editors, and watched tons of videos. Today, I’d like to share three of my favs:



DON’T GIVE UP, by Beth Revis



MYTHS AND MISCONCEPTIONS, by Agent Holly Root, Editor Martha Mihalick, and Editor Molly O’Neill



YOUR DEBUT YEAR, by Lindsey Leavitt


You can join the party on WriteOnCon’s website here. Also, if you can, make a donation once there to keep this conference free for years to come!