I’ve felt the sparks of a new idea for a while now. But something interesting happened when I asked you guys what the main character’s name should be. My mind was blown by your original responses, and I found myself smiling as I read through each comment, nodding my head along with so many of you. Writing can be a lonely endeavor, and spending those few moments interacting with readers made my day.

So I thought to myself: What if I were able to work with my readers more often? What if they became my co-authors? I sent a rambling email to my agent, as I’m prone to do, outlining my thoughts. When she responded quickly, enthusiastically, I rejoiced. Someone was giving me permission to write a book…with my readers.

So here’s the deal. I want YOU to be a part of this story. I want you to help me choose names, places, and dates. I want you to be the tie-breaker on titles, and tell me how my two main characters should interact. I want you to choose between a list of hobbies, strengths, and weakness for the characters you named, and if the time comes to choose between covers, I’m going to humbly ask my publisher to let you guys vote on that too. Think of me as the story’s chemist. Each time I have a major decision to make in the story, I’ll hold up a few vials of bubbling, popping ingredients, and you’ll tell me which to pour into the cauldron.

I can’t promise this book will be published. But I can promise you that if it is, you’ll see pieces of yourself and the votes you casted inside. And if my agent and I do find a publisher, I’ll make that dedication page out to you–the readers who helped me build this story, page by page.

And now for your first vote! Help me decide what hashtag to use when talking about this manuscript:



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