When Scholastic came to me with the idea of giving away a completely annotated copy of Titans, I was thrilled. I adore getting behind the ideas of creatives and learning about their process. Of course, it was a different matter when it came to exposing my own. Because the truth is, much of what I write comes at lightning speed. I spend a month plotting and outlining, doing character interviews and collecting character images. So when the writing starts, I don’t do a lot of thinking. I do a lot of releasing, as corny as that sounds.

Because it’s hard to capture what went through my head as I wrote, I instead tried to provide insight into my editing process. I notated my husband’s favorite parts, as well as my editor’s. I showed you places where my editor had me change lines, and indicated scenes that were revised over and over until I wept tears of blood. By the last page of this project, my red pen had gone dry, and I felt pleased with the result. Right now, the annotated copy of Titans sits on my desk. There will only ever be the one, and I hope it ends up in your hands.

You can enter to win it now through This is Teen. Best of luck, riders! And enjoy these additional pics of the galley:


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