If you’re not familiar with Wattpad, you should be. They have 50 million readers, a large portion of which are under the age of 25. In other words, if you write teen fiction, there’s an enormous audience awaiting you. What’s more, Wattpad is a great place to experiment with stories. You post chapter-by-chapter when you can, and receive immediate feedback that encourages you to keep writing.

I attended a panel on Wattpad at RT this year, and was inspired to jump on board when I got home. I already had some exclusive and bonus content on there for my Fire & Flood and Dante Walker series, but now I’m adding Four Houses in its entirety. I posted the first chapter today, and will add new chapters every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. This will be the first time I’m offering my not-so-short story for free, because I truly believe this will open the door to new readers, and possibly rekindle interest for previous readers of my work.

As I embark on this journey, and post more never-before-seen material, I hope you’ll be by my side. Perhaps as a writer with your own Wattpad page, or as a reader who supports us wonky creative types. Either way, thank you in advance.

Now go read the first chapter of Four Houses! 🙂