So, yesterday was pretty insane with the announcement of my FIRE & FLOOD German deal, and Dante Walker was not at all pleased that someone stole his thunder. After all, the third and final cover in his trilogy was revealed on Hypable the same day (check it out here!). Now I’m busy making amends with ol’ D-Dub by re-posting the first excerpt from THE WARRIOR, which Hypable shared yesterday. Oh, and let’s take a look at that cover once again, shall we?




Okay, back to focusing. Hey. HEY! Eyes right here, ladies. Oh, whatever. I give up. Maybe this excerpt will better keep your attention:




If war is coming, I make it look damn good.

I am sharp eyes for hunting, broad shoulders for fighting, strong hands for gripping a weapon. I am built for this. I will protect Charlie, and I will rescue Aspen from hell. There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for my girls, and I plan to do it all. Blood will spill, and I will spill it without a second thought.

I am a machine.


Spinning around, I find Charlie standing against the bathroom doorframe. Here is the girl who will save us all. The girl whose charity will usher in Trelvator—a hundred years of peace on earth.  Blond hair spills over her shoulders, framing a heart-shaped face. Her skin is porcelain and her smile is bottled sunshine and her body is sick in a good way. She is perfect.

She’s perfect because I made her that way, because I talked her into signing a contract in which she traded her soul for beauty. Even though I’ve fought to change the person I am, the person who did that to her, I’m still a demon at heart. Big Guy may be lord of the heavens, and I may have gold dargon wrapped around my ankle marking me as a liberator, but inside, deep down, a monster growls.

Charlie wraps her arms around my waist and her fingers clutch my back. My armor falls away in an instant, and I’m no longer what I was a moment before. Now I’m sharp eyes for watching her, and broad shoulders for easing her worries, and strong hands for holding her tight.

She is mine.

And I am hers.


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