Many writers have found that social platforms such as Twitter and Facebook can add to their overall marketing plan. These sites can gain exposure for your writing, and provide a place to network with other writers, agents, and publishers.

Truth box – For me, Twitter was merely an outlet to get feedback on my manuscript, and traffic to my website. Nothing more.

But over the last few days, I’ve teetered between editing my novel…and lighting myself on fire. The editing process has proved to be the worst part of writing, and the least rewarding.

This morning, in a moment of despair, I tweeted that I desperately needed encouragement. Immediately, I started hunting for the delete button. But before I could cancel my call-for-help, supportive tweets started flooding in.

The kind words drove me to tears…and to slowly back away from the lighter fluid.

Thank you, Twitter, for showing me you are more than a means to an end. I will never doubt your Hulk-like power again.