So much goodness has happened in the last week, I can hardly handle it. First, I turned in a book I’ve worked harder on than any other. My editor now has it in her possession, and I’m nervously awaiting her reaction. You may have seen me talking about the book on social media as #SecretBook. That’s because the book is sold, but the contract hasn’t been signed and squared away quite yet (Hey, did you know that publishing can be slow? *wink*).

Also, I got a review for Titans. A kind of big review. A kind of sort of omg I’m going to die review. There are these little things called stars that many author hope and dream about. Well, I got my very first one for Salt & Stone earlier this year, and now, I have my second cuddly little star from Publishers Weekly! *bangs gong*

You can read the review in its lovely, tear-inducing entirety here, and then register to win a $20 Starbucks gift card so you can snuggle books and sip hot cocoa this holiday season. You know you wanna.


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