I’m thrilled to share with you breaking news–the firm release date and blurb for TITANS! I turned in proofing edits for this book just a few days ago, with galleys only a short stop away. It seems like between putting finishing touches on a story, and anticipating ARCs, there’s an eternity of waiting to be done. So it’s thrilling when a reveal like this happens in that precarious place between two milestones.  

Without further ado, TITANS will officially be released into the wild on: February 23, 2016! 

And here’s the fantastic summary provided by Scholastic: 


Astrid Sullivan’s family can’t catch a break. Her grandfather played cards and her dad bet on the Titans–half-horse, half-car that race around impossible tracks. They’ve lost their home, their savings, and each other.

So when Astrid makes some new friends who give her the chance to participate in this year’s Titan races, she wonders if it’s worth risking everything. She never thought she’d even touch a Titan, and this one is first gen when the models racing now are Titan 3.0s. There’s no way for her to win…but with her family slipping away and her dad without work, Astrid can’t help but feel like the only person she can bet on is herself.

Titans delivers Victoria Scott’s signature blend of incredible action and impossible odds, and will leave readers’ hearts racing. 


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