Yesterday, I came home from writing at Starbucks to find a package inside my entryway. When I saw it was from my editor at Scholastic, I tore into it. What I found inside were beautiful, hardcover German editions of Fire & Flood. I marveled over them, checking out the language inside that I couldn’t read a word of. I showed my husband, I showed my daughter, and I took a lot of pics.

And then I read the card from my editor.

She congratulated me on Fire & Flood‘s first foreign language edition that we’ve gotten to hold (there have been others, but we’re waiting on those babies to make it across the big blue). And then… And then she said how excited she was to be sending the Titans galleys too.

Wait, what?

I raced across the room to the opened box and yanked out the four foreign copies of Fire & Flood, and squealed when I saw Titans galleys hiding beneath them. Seeing them for the first time in print was everything. For me, this is the moment that the manuscript starts to feel real. It’s not just my little baby anymore, but has grown into a big girl book.

I’m going to share some pics with you here, and will do a giveaway of one when the cover is revealed. I believe you can start requesting Titans galleys now, but just know they probably won’t start mailing them until November / December so you have plenty of time.

I love all of you so very much for making this latest journey with me. I can’t wait until you can read Titans yourself and give me your thoughts! Oh, and I’ll be sure and post pics of the German Fire & Flood here soon.


Titans Inside Page


Titans Dedication


Titans Track Schedule


Titans Back Cover