Seeing finished copies of your book is like finishing high school, or holding a newborn, or getting a new hair style. You’re not sure what you’re doing taking all those tests, or eating all those doughnuts, or sitting until your butt aches until suddenly–

You’re holding a diploma.

You’re cradling a baby you created.

You’re snapping a pic of your new hair style.

Writing a book is a long, lonely process filled with self-doubt, but when that book arrives on your doorstep… Hallelujah! Everything becomes real, and worth it. That overpowering feeling of joy and gratitude and triumph hits me every time. Even when it’s my sixth book, as Titans is.

This time, I decided to snap and share some pics, and to film myself opening my finished copies for the first time. I hope you enjoy this very special, very private moment in my career. Hugs!