Well, I’m just about to explode into a hundred thousand gnarly pieces of excitement. Because my publicist confirmed with me that the cover of Titans will be revealed a full nine months before its release! (Note: I don’t actually know a firm release date, so that’s a guesstimate. But still, my sheer and utter happiness stands). And exactly where will this reveal go down? Wait for it, guys, wait for it…

…at the 2015 RT Booklovers Convention! *clashes cymbals together* This is probably my favorite event each year, and now I’m even more jazzed because Readers. And Authors. And Craziness. And Titans Cover Reveal! Ahh! There will be a giant poster, and a poster stand, and a red blanket draped over the lovely. And then there will be The Reveal!!! The plan is to do this at one of my panels, and then I’ll have signed Titans posters at the Teen Day Party and the Giant Book Fair.

So, get excited people. Because in a mere six weeks we’ll have a cover for this bad boy. We’ll see it at RT, we’ll see it on Mundie Moms, and we’ll see it via This is Teen. And then of course I’ll shoot it to the entire V Mafia, because hey, Family.

Six weeks!!! 😀