I’m so flipping excited! Know why? Because I have my very first event this weekend where I’ll be a legit author. I’m going to sit on a panel and say stuff and be all authorly like. People may laugh and point and ask what the bejesus I’m doing up there, but by God, I’ll be up there anyway.

I’m attending Readers N’ Ritas, where there will be much book buying and swapping, and yeah, drinking of margaritas. If you’re attending this event, be sure to stop by and tell me hello so I’m not standing by my lonesome. 🙂

Also, if anyone is attending YALL Fest this Saturday, be sure to hit up Author Tara Fuller who will be bringing a stash of signed THE COLLECTOR bookmarks with her. Plus, Tara’s awesome, so be sure to show her some readerly love!

Looking forward to this weekend, guys. Wish me luck that I don’t say too many stupid things. *bites nails*