The holidays are coming, and you know what that means: Techie junkies across the nation will dispute the biggest gadgets dropping in time for Christmas. I’ve had my eye on a tablet for a while now, and the iPad (of course) was one of the biggest players in my computer fantasies. But then I heard about the Kindle Fire. So I started thinking, could I drop my dreams of an iPad (and my devotion to my Nook) for an Amazon device?

Lo and behold, I wouldn’t have to part with my B&N bestie, because the book store giant quickly released a tablet to compete against the Amazon Kindle. It’s called…dun, dun, dun…The Nook Tablet. Bomb!

All this thinking I’m doing about which tablet to buy, lead to some serious questions. Like which side I’m really on: Team Nook or Team Kindle? I can be a fair-weather-fan like nobody’s business, but just this once (because it’s so devastatingly important), I’d like to pick a side and stick with it. So, should I drop the Nook and side with Kindle forevermore, or stay true to my roots–the Nook?

What team are you on? Team Nook or Team Kindle? Let it be known! 😀