Several weeks ago, my editor emailed to say I’d been chosen as one of Scholastic’s preview authors. This meant they wanted me to send in a video talking about my book for their official 2014 spring preview footage that goes out to thousands of librarians, teachers, and readers across the US. I was ecstatic.

I recorded the video and sent it in. It was perfect, they said.

I doubted that.

Then School Library Journal wrote an article discussing Scholastic’s innovative approach to introducing their seasonal titles. And they mentioned me in it! Woot! You can read that article here.

And then there’s the actual video, in which I dork out about FIRE & FLOOD and my editor much more eloquently discusses the story as well. If you want, feel free to check out all of Scholastic’s spring titles, or watch the video by category (i.e. Young Adult). I hope you enjoy my nerdiness!