Yesterday, I got a wonderful surprise in my inbox–typeset pages of Salt & Stone! As an author, this is the first time you glimpse your story formatted like a real, grown-up book. It’s a tearjerker moment, to be sure. Because I’m now reading through this sequel in the Fire & Flood series, I thought I’d share three short teasers with you. And of course, we’ll have to do a giveaway too. 😉

Teaser #1

“Racing across base camp with Madox at my side, I picture myself as invincible. Instead of cargo pants, I’m sporting camo. Instead of stitches in my stomach, I’ve got a gun holster wrapped around my abdomen, John Wayne style. Guy is probably tied up and gagged, and I’m about to save the day, barrels blazing.” – Salt & Stone


Teaser #2

“As with most nights in the desert, the sky is devoid of any clouds, magnifying a dense bouquet of stars. For some, the brilliant, sweeping stars remind them that a higher being is at work. For others, they put their lives into perspective, make them feel small in comparison to that kind of vastness. Me? I think of the silver-sequined dress my mom bought me: a dress I never got to wear, a homecoming dance I never attended. Yeah, stars make me think of a bombshell dress. Don’t hate.” – Salt & Stone


Teaser #3

“Guy sighs, and I lock eyes with him. Blue eyes. Not blue like the ocean at high tide or the sky on a summer afternoon. More like the blue of a dead body. A kind of blue that makes you hold your breath and count your blessings and beg for one more. I like when Guy sets his gaze on me. That shade of blue could make the world tremble on bended knees, but I’d happily drown in it.” – Salt & Stone


That’s it for now, guys! I’ve got to get back to proofing so these typeset pages can become beautiful galleys. In the meantime, enter this giveaway!


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