When I made plans to attend ALA Midwinter, I thought I knew what to expect. I was wrong. There was much thought versus reality going on at this four-day book event in D-town. It went a little something like this:







Thought: There will be a few people there. Probably not too many.

Reality: There was a redonkulous amount of people.

*Pic was taken outside the exhibit hall. This is where people waited in the morning for the doors to open, then ran like crazed, crack-fueled bulls toward ARCs.




Thought: I might run into someone I know.

Reality: I ran into numerous writing and book reviewing friends, authors I’d never met, editors from every Big 6 pub house, and even some well-known literary agents:

*Me and Lauren Myracle, author of SHINE.


*Me, Writer Lindsay Cummings, and Literary Agent Super-Star
Barry Goldblatt.



Thought: There might be a few things to do besides look at books. Maybe a coffee stand or something.

Reality: There were so many book shops, events, signings that I nearly made myself sick trying to visit/attend them all.

*Opening night blogger/writer dinner at Campisi’s.


*Teen Shiver author signing at a local B&N. In the photo is Author Tracy Deebs (TEMPTEST RISING), Author Trinity Faegen (THE MEPHISTO COVENANT), Author Ellie James (SHATTERED DREAMS), Author Mary Lindsey (SHATTERED SOULS), Writer Lindsay Cummings, and moi. 



Thought: I might score a few ARCs while I’m there. Dare I hope for 20?

Reality: Words can’t do it justice. Behold the power of ALA Midwinter:

*I filled up bags like this every time I walked through
the Dallas Convention Center. 


*Look at this cool promo packaging for I HUNT KILLERS!


*I got all of these books for free at ALA.


*And these…


*And of all of these. Yes, seriously.


So in recap, I’m a terrible judge of what to expect at an event I’ve never attended. ALA is something every reader/writer/blogger should attend. And yes, I will be doing some SERIOUS giveaways in the next few weeks because who in the world could read all these?

Yeah, I thought you probably could. 😉