Tomorrow, I’m moving out of my suburban home and heading downtown. Yeah, yeah, it’s not Manhattan or anything,  but it is downtown Dallas–and to me that’s just as awesome. I’ve been living for the last few weeks out of boxes, which is great for controlling rage (No, false). But it’ll soon be over. I’m going to wake up tomorrow morning and move these boxes to a fresh, new house (Again, false. I’ll be at ALA Midwinter. But my hubby will move them for me which is kinda’ the same).


Also new on the homefront? A finished first draft! My newest WIP is called THE BRIMSTONE BLEED. You can read about it here. Or, you can listen to the I Finished My First Draft theme song (which I played exactly 13 minutes ago. Woot!):



It feels good. New home, new manuscript. Both will need a lot of tweaking to feel right, but I’m more than willing to do the work. Because work = a sense of accomplishment. And there’s nothing better than that.

Except Funyuns. Which I have somewhere.

Probably in a box.