I’m a YA girl. I like reading it, I like writing it. I dig the quick pacing, the sexified characters, and the complete lack of kids, mortgages, and marriage problems.

Because I heart the YA genre so much, it’s hard to step away from it. But that’s exactly what I’m trying to do more of. Reading outside your comfort zone opens you up to new plot lines, writing styles, and themes. Also, the characters have sex, with the doors open, which is pretty awesome.

So recently, in an effort to expand my reading horizons, I picked up GONE GIRL. It was amazing. Like, make-me-weep-with-envy amaze-balls. Afterward, I tried to convince YA author friends to try it, to try any adult novel. The typical response was, “I don’t like adult stuff.” Well, yeah, that’s great. But this is our job. And part of our job is exposing ourselves to new styles and genres. So I’m going to try and stick with it, and maybe shove a few adult tomes into my friends’ hands (I know they’ll read it once they get it home; that’s how we tick).

I guess my question for you guys, since I’m new to the adult world, is what suggestions do you have? I’m looking for anything you’ve got: mystery, chick lit, sci-fi, romance, etc. Also, I wouldn’t mind checking out a few more middle grade novels as well. I’m just looking for a great story, written by a talented author. 🙂