I’ve spent 9 months writing my butt off. I could have had a flippin’ baby in that amount of time. A baby. Can you blame me for being crushed that I have to now write a query-letter-to-end-all-query-letters for a chance at an agent’s attention? No, right? Naturally, crushing emotions ensue as I sob in the bathtub while Milli Vanilli sings Blame it on the Rain. Then I tell myself to get over it. I can do this. I can write a letter.  And eventually, after researching and proofing and begging for help from critique partners…I did. So I’m finished, right?


Now it’s time to write a synopsis that will cause earthquakes to rumble and volcanoes to spew fiery ash. Yeah, I’m still working on that one. But I’ve got a great group of writers behind me, and I know with time I’ll strap that beast down and show him a thing or two. In the end, preparing for submission is a wonderful, albeit bittersweet, time. It’s the moment we get to naively believe we’ll get 15 bids from agents, another 10 from publishing houses, and retire a billionaire in the Caribbean where a hot cabana boy will type our novels as we slur them over the brim of our strawberry margaritas.

In the meantime, we’ve got to work. So to all my fellow writers out there approaching the gut-wrenching submission process, here are a few links to help:


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Literary Agent Kristin Nelson’s Blog – Just click on the Query Pitch Workshop on the right hand side

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For Your Synopsis

Nathan Bransford’s Blog – Post on how to write a synopsis

Guide to Literary Agents – Synopsis examples of popular movies

Query Tracker Blog – Novel Synopsis Basics


PS – Keep writing!