I promised to keep you guys updated on how my life changed post book deal, and I thought it might be a good time for that. Woot! So far, I’ve completed the first round of edits. The first round usually consists of changing overriding problems in your story or characters. So…I turned said changes into my editor and am waiting to see if they suffice (Que terror).

Something else I’ve been working on is swag, which goes hand-in-hand with booking promotional dates. A big part of promoting your book is going where the readers are. That means conferences, conventions, books festivals, etc. And these peeps want two things: books and book swag. Since some of the appearances I’ll be doing take place before my book drops, I needed something to hand out. Part of that will be in the form of ARCs, the other will be swag. So, a’swag-hunting I went. After talking to some seasoned authors, I decided I’d just start with bookmarks. And I’m happy to say a billion of them are on their way to mi casa now. Pretty excited to see whether they look like horses’ ass, or something readers will actually want. We shall see.

On another note, the publisher at Entangled Publishing called me to say they’re meeting with a major movie company (can’t say who, but they’re huge), to discuss THE COLLECTOR. Now, the overwhelming odds are that Dante Walker won’t make it to the big screen, but it’s pretty damn cool the meeting is going down, eh?

Also, I started working on THE COLLECTOR Book 2 yesterday. I’m happy to report I’m 4,000 words in (Good Lord, I have so much more to write. Que terror), and it’s going fairly well. Or in other words, Dante is being semi-cooperative.

Finally, my cover reveal happened recently (130+ book bloggers participated. I cried), and my new author website was unveiled. Yay! Oh, and over 1,000 people have already added THE COLLECTOR on Goodreads with nine months to go. Crazy Town!

It still feels surreal that these things are happening. And I’m so, so grateful that people seem to be excited about Dante Walker. I know he’s just as excited about all of you. Trust me.

Speaking of, he’s pissed I’m not working on his story right this second. I kind of left him hanging…in bed with Charlie Cooper. True story.

Love you guys! 🙂