I can’t even handle my excitement when I get an email from one of my translators in another country. They’re all cool about it and I’m all screaming at my computer screen and wondering if they can hear me scream because, seriously, I’m talking to someone in another country about my book. This is pretty much what happened, once again, when I heard from my Polish translator on Monday.

Fire & Flood will release in Poland on June 17, 2015, and boy, oh boy, will it have a wicked cool cover (see below). I believe their translation for this title is Fire & Water, which I’m totally down for. Fire has always stood for the sun in the desert, and Flood represents the torrential rain in the jungle. So, yep, Water works just as well.

I’m crazy jazzed to know that this little nugget will be in bookstores in Poland in one short month. If any of you happen to live there, I’d pretty much kill for a pic!

Here she is! I’d heart your face forever if you’d grab the cover and share it with your own readers. 🙂


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