So, I have something pretty exciting for you guys. Go ahead and get pumped. I’ll wait here. *steeples hands* Are we jazzed? No, still need more time? NO MORE TIME FOR YOU! Know why? Because I have Pandora graphics! And a giveaway! And steepled hands because I AM PATIENT!!!

Here’s the dealio. Salt & Stone released last month and it was a big deal. To me. And maybe to a few of you. In this book, you guys got more Pandoras, and okay, lost a few too. Death is a natural part of life, people. Go watch The Lion King. After that, do the following:


1) Post your favorite Pandora graphic on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, whatever with your love for the Fire & Flood series.

2) Leave a comment here letting me know you’ve been a faithful reader and completed Task #1.


Then, be prepared to win the following:

1) A signed hardcover of Fire & Flood.

2) An ARC of The Walls Around Us.


Pretty cool, huh? Oh, and before I forget, a huge hank you to @FireandFlood on Instagram for making these lovelies.

Now go pick your favorite Pandora a represent!








Victoria Scott


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