During the year, I get quite a few requests for signed books, and since Dallas doesn’t have an independent book store (for shame!), it’s hard to fulfill those requests. So two years ago, I committed to offering readers a way to order signed copies of my books with ease once a year. And when better to do this than during the holidays–when you can treat yourself, or pick them up as gifts for friends and family.

So from now through December 8, you can order signed copies (made out to whomever you’d like) of Fire & Flood or Salt & Stone. Unfortunately, I can only offer this to US residents. The prices are as follows:

Fire & Flood Paperback – $15
Fire & Flood Hardcover – $20
Salt & Stone Hardcover – $20

To order, simply send an email with which book(s) you’d like to V@VictoriaScottYA, and I’ll then send you an invoice via PayPal.

Happy ordering, and Happy Holidays, my sweets!