A few weeks ago, I posted a plea for anyone crazy enough to want to work for me to please apply for the position of assistant intern. Well, I was more than a little surprised, and beyond humbled, when nearly a hundred people responded. After I got done freaking out and being properly flattered, I realized I had a nearly impossible task: choose one person among the massive pile.


Luckily, after days of contemplation (I’m not kidding you. I stressed about this more than I have any of my books.), I finally decided on a shining star.

Meet Jessica Baker


Bio Pic (4)


Jessica’s Bio:

I’m a 17 year old girl who loves books and has a tendency to care very much about book characters. Especially the cute male ones. I run a blog called Just a Booklover, laugh way more than one person probably should, and feel most productive when listening to music. 


I chose Jessica first and foremost because she was the most enthusiastic, and with the amount of work I have sitting on my desk, enthusiasm was a must. On top of that, she’s an upstanding citizen in the blogging arena, she was incredibly professional during the interview process, she has design experience, she takes the initiative to learn new things, and she aspires to be an author, which is cool, because I’m hoping to give back as much as I take.

Please feel free to say hello  to Jessica in the comments below, and a huge, enormous thank you to everyone who applied. I mean it when I say you guys are amazing, and it made me feel incredibly loved that you’d even consider working with me. 🙂