Many people talk about SEO, but what is it exactly? It stands for Search Engine Optimization, and it’s basically a way to ensure your website/blog gets the most exposure possible.

If you go to Google and type in ‘Writing’ in the search field, Google will quickly scan every page on the internet and look for ones that match that description. The links that show up on the right hand side are called paid results, the rest are called organic. The goal of every website/blog owner should be to get listed in the organic results (for your categories) as high up as possible. It’s like free advertising, and that’s pretty awesome.

Here’s a list of things to check on your website/blog. Many of these you may need to do more research on, or you might want to ask your web developer about them.


1. When writing the title of your blog posts, ensure you use keywords. Instead of titling a post about writing well ‘Easy Breezy,” title it “Tips for Writing Well.” Titles are the first things search engines look at, so these are important.

2. Use keywords when writing a post. If you want your post about understanding SEO to show up in Google searches, use the word SEO a lot in the actual body of the post.

3. Ensure you have header tags for your website.

4. Get others to link to your website through either a blog roll, a post they write, etc. The bigger the website that links to you, the more traffic you’ll get from it, and the higher up in Google results you’ll be.

5. Add Alt tags (using your desired keywords: writing tips, ya book reviews, etc.) to your photos.

5. Use Alt tags to your links, too.

6. Make sure you have a site map submitted to Google and other search engines.


There are a ton of other small ways to increase your Google search rank that involve your website’s back end, but these beauties should help you get started. I hope this helped some of you!

Do any of you do any of these? I’d love to know!