Yesterday was a pretty awesome day indeed. Every time one of my books goes to print, I play the waiting game. Is this the day copies will land on my doorstep? What about now? WHAT ABOUT NOW?! Yesterday afternoon, I wasn’t even thinking about it, really. Quite frankly, I had cereal on the brain, and whether the dried strawberries that come in my favorite box are strawberries at all.

Then my cat meowed for food like the fat bastard he is.

I groaned and went to the door. When I got within a few feet of the handle, my heart fluttered and I. Just. Knew.

I knew copies of THE LIBERATOR would be sitting outside and that Dante himself would be holding the box (Don’t hate. It could totes happen.). I opened the door. I saw a box. I screamed. Fat Bastard ran inside. Taking the box in my arms, I high-stepped like a drill sergeant with hemorrhoids. Then I tore into it and bellowed as any author worth their salt should.

I had THE LIBERATOR! A finished copy! And now, of course, I’m giving one away to you guys. I’ll also be giving a second copy away via Twitter in the next week or two, so stay tuned. Thanks again, as always, to all of my fabulous readers for your support and enthusiasm for my stories!


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