THE COLLECTOR, book 1 in the Dante Walker trilogy, released yesterday. It was a surreal experience to see so many people wishing Dante a happy book birthday after months of waiting. To say I’m thrilled with how the book is doing is an understatement. Yesterday, THE COLLECTOR hit the top 100 teen books on Amazon and is still kicking it there today. It was also in the top 250 books on Barnes & Noble in all categories, and I’ve been blown away by the amazing reviews you guys have posted!

So what’s next? It seems too soon to talk about the second book, doesn’t it? I guess for me it does, even though I bet a few of you are shaking your heads. Ha! You eager readers may be right, because I suppose in actuality, THE LIBERATOR is only 5 months from releasing! So today I have a few surprises up my sleeve regarding book 2!

1) The release day for THE LIBERATOR was pushed up from September 3rd to August 27th! Only a few days difference, but still… Yay!

2) The first excerpt of THE LIBERATOR will be released on Tera Lynn Childs’s blog during the YA Scavenger Hunt that begins tomorrow!

3) The official THE LIBERATOR countdown widget is below. I hope you guys enjoy it!

Love you guys! 🙂