Five days. That’s all that stands between you and the second Dante Walker book. Obviously, I’m a pulsing ball of nerves. But don’t mind me. Dante is coming! Today I wanted to remind you of a few fun things we’ve got in store next week. First, we’re having a huge Twitter release party on August 27th at 8:00 CST. To join, simply use #Liberator and you’ll be eligible for fun prizes like signed Dante swag and finished copies of the book.

The second thing is a campaign to help The Liberator gain exposure. I’m asking hardcore Dante fans to change their avatar pic to The Liberator cover the day of the release: Tuesday, August 27 (That’s next Tuesday!). You can commit to changing your avatar here, or decide to join in the fun last minute. Either way, you’ll be eligible to win a $25 Book Depository gift card!

Finally, don’t forget that The Liberator release party will take place at the New Braunfels, TX Hastings store at 7:00 pm. Hope to see you there!

Five more days, guys!




Victoria out.