When Entangled Teen posted the blurb for THE LIBERATOR, never did I think it would cause so much debate. Some readers were happy to hear that a new female character would be introduced, others disliked the idea. But almost everyone assumed…that there would be a love triangle. I really wanted to wait and let the story speak for itself, but after counting the sheer number of emails I’ve received over THE LIBERATOR blurb, I figured it was time to clear up the elephant-sized question in the room. 😀


Victoria, will there be a love triangle in THE LIBERATOR?

I’ll say this–I am NOT a fan of love triangles. Aspen’s introduction is crucial to Dante’s spiritual and psychological journey, but that doesn’t mean she’s there to sexually entice him. I want readers to give our girl Aspen a chance, because she’s had a hard life and takes blows like a champion.

What I hope to accomplish in THE LIBERATOR is to show readers Dante’s evolution, or lack thereof, and Aspen helps us understand that. It’s as simple, and as complex, as that. 😉


Before I sign off, I want to share three nuggets of information:

1) THE LIBERATOR will not be a Team Aspen vs. Team Charlie book, though I do anticipate that readers will bond with one girl more than the other depending on individual personalities.

2) A shiny, new excerpt from THE LIBERATOR will be sent to the V Mafia next week! Yay!

3) This is Aspen’s song:



I heart you guys so hard!

– V