I’m super pumped to join the WinterHaven Sleigh Tour hosted by WinterHaven Books. This week, I’m writing ol’ Saint Nick a letter to give him a little gift-giving guidance to ensure there’s no….ahem….confusion. To see who else has written to Santa, go to WinterHaven Sleigh Tour for a list of participating blogs.


Dear Santa,

What up. I know I have a lot of explaining to do, what with my writing books about demons and all, but I’ll have you know my demons are awesome. One in particular, Dante Walker, is my personal fav. Yeah, I understand he seals souls, but haven’t you read the book blurb? There’s a personal shout out to you. You guys aren’t so different. You both like the color red, frosted cookies, and sorting souls. Dante’s words, not mine.

So Santa, you can see that I’m not so bad. I write about demons. But they’re demons you’d totally approve of. So let’s get on with my Christmas wish. I’d like one copy of THE DARKEST MINDS by Alexandra Bracken. It comes out in like 7 days and I’m all kinds of excited about it. Yeah, yeah…more darkness and evilness and such. But look at it this way, my reading all this indecency allows me to properly appreciate your unbridled generosity and general kindness.

Please, please, please may I have this one, itty-bitty book? I’d be forever grateful.

Until next Christmas, that is.


Peace out,

Victoria Scott