Writers have big dreams when drafting a book. Dreams that our story will be bought. Will be on bookshelves. Will be turned into a movie or TV series.

We realize these hopes are far-fetched, but we wish for them anyway. And why not? Because sometimes–sometimes–dreams come true. Just like they did for L.J. Smith, author of THE VAMPIRE DIARIES.

Today, I have to take a moment and just applaud Smith, and all the writers behind My Favorite Show On Planet Earth. Because for me, they make every Thursday into a happy slice of heaven. Even more so when the things I want to happen, happen. Like when–drum roll–Klaus started falling for Caroline. I know. Awesome, right? In celebration of dreams coming true, I’ve included a few of my favorite Klauroline clips. I hope you drool and swoon over this unlikely pair as much as I do.





Keep writing and reading folks. Because THIS is what can become of it. Pure genius. Yeah, I said genius.