A couple of weeks ago, I introduced the heroine of FIRE & FLOOD, Tella Holloway. Today I’d like to do the same for the hero. As I stated before, Tella Holloway is a typical girl in that she isn’t exactly cut out for a dangerous race across the world with only a peculiar animal to keep her safe. So it only seemed natural that the hero of FIRE & FLOOD was the exact opposite. Allow me to introduce to you:



Guy is capable in every sense of the word. He knows how to tackle the sea, mountains, jungle, and desert with ease. He is extremely quiet and weary when it comes to letting anyone inside his circle of trust. Guy’s motto is to go the race alone, and win. And quite frankly, Tella is getting in the way of that plan. In the beginning, Guy is so cold and emotionless that Tella often refers to him as Serial Killer. But Guy Chambers is more like a Green Beret–able, lethal, strong. And his Pandora reflects that strength. Guy cracks his knuckles often, but never his thumbs. He has brothers he loves, and a father he won’t mention. And he loves newspapers–not to read, but rather the crackle the pages make as they’re being turned. Oh, and Guy Chambers is sexy as hell in a physically scarred, tattooed, tortured kind of way. He looks something like this:





I have a couple of blog badges below that you are more than welcome to steal. One includes the very first quote from FIRE & FLOOD ever shared. Please consider these a thank you for all the work you put in yesterday during the YA Crush Tournament rooting for Dante Walker, who as it turns out, is nothing like Guy Chambers.

Here you go:


Guy Chambers Badge 200x200


Guy Chambers Promo 200x400

Thanks stopping by today. I hope you’re excited to meet Guy March 2014. Now here’s a giveaway featuring another book with animal friends! 😉


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