Suzie Townsend is a superpower-wielding, fun-loving, book-selling literary agent at FinePrint Literary Management. Superpowers you say? Indeed I do. Suzie has the ability to speak to animals; namely, her dog, Slevin. Why, just this morning Suzie placed fingers to her temples, stared intensely at her furry canine, and said without speaking: Slevin, slowly back away from the Manhattan skunk. Naturally, I couldn’t pass up a chance to talk to this multi-talented gal. So I tossed her a few ultra-professional questions. Below are her equally ultra-professional responses. Enjoy!

1) Would you rather spend a night alone in the Amazon Rainforest, or the Sahara Desert? Why?

At first I was going to say rainforest because all the colors and plants and animals would be amazing to see, but…I hate bugs and mosquitoes and humidity so I’m going to say the Sahara.


2) Would you rather have an extra arm, or an extra eye? Why?

An eye. If it could be in the back of my head. That would be awesome.


3) Someone just said to you: “I can’t believe you just did that!” What did you do?

Every once in a while I’ll do something a little crazier and riskier than usual, like when I was a senior, and my AP English teacher asked me to put a box of stuff in her car, and I did–only then I moved her car to a different parking space and didn’t tell her. She thought someone stole it. There was huge potential for trouble there, but I weighed the “coolness” of the prank and took the risk. It was worth it.


4) If you could see the world in only one color, what would it be?  Why?

Purple. I love all things purple, and when you’re looking it’s out there in the world more than you’d think.


5) The 2012 Presidential candidates are Superman and The Hulk. Which would you vote for? Why?

Superman. He might not be a US Citizen, but he doesn’t have anger issues. The Hulk was a bad guy sometimes.


I hope you enjoyed this interview. To learn more about Suzie Townsend, visit her bio page, follow her on Twitter, or check out her fabuloso blog.