Sarah Davies has more awesome sauce in her pinky than I have in my entire body. And that, my friend, is a lot of awesome sauce. Sarah founded The Greenhouse Literary Agency, and now works as agent-extraordinaire for the North American side of the company. If there’s one thing Sarah’s good at, it’s rockin’ her make-me-so-jealous-I-could-scream English accent. This alone was reason enough to interview her, and get to the bottom of what’s what.

1) You have a magical snow globe. What happens when you shake it?

OK, this truly IS a magical snow globe, because when I shake it all the snow evaporates and it turns into a magical WARM WEATHER globe! Suddenly I realize I’m standing in the middle of a medieval Tuscan hill town, surrounded by olive groves, vineyards and history. As I breathe it all in, I see my two sons and their girlfriends approaching us (because of course my husband has also been transported). After copious amounts of hugging and laughing we all set off for a fabulous month in the depths of Italian countryside, culture and cuisine. And strangely enough, there’s absolutely no internet connection.


2) What is your favorite word in the English language? Why?

I adore language and vocabulary and I use lots of it! Impossible to pick a favourite, but let’s start with Perspicacious, Serendipitous, Ubiquitous. Just in case you get the impression I only like words ending in ‘ous’, I shall also tell you that I love words deriving from other languages – particularly Zeitgeist and Schadenfreude. (I know that’s cheating, given your question, but still.)


3) What animal, that others find adorable, do you find terrifying? Why?

I know people who adore snakes, and name their squirmy darlings things like Cuddles and Honey-Pie. But that won’t wash with me because I am terrified of them – in some primeval, illogical way that has very little to do with venom and everything to do with movement and shape. I’ve been scared of all things wiggling since I was very young, when my sister overturned a big rock in our garden and revealed hundreds of worms. It’s all been downhill since then. When I moved to the USA my husband promised me three things: 1) There were no snakes in the vicinity  2) They did not live in the undergrowth and 3) They did not come out at night. He lied on all three counts and I do not forgive.


4) You just found out that someone ate your packed lunch. What is your reaction?

Fury and anguish. I put on a few pounds recently, which I hate (I love my skinny jeans). As a result I have CUT DOWN. Ie, No cakes, pasta, roast potatoes etc etc are crossing my lips. This means the contents of my packed lunch are even more sacred, even if it only consists of grapes, crackers and a humble bit of cheese. These are now treasures of great price, so anyone who takes my lunch is doomed!


5) In the future, people must go by a number instead of a name. What is your number and why?

My number is 6. I have absolutely no idea why, but it was always ‘my number’ as a child. I liked its brevity, compactness and symmetry. My sister’s number was 12. I guess she thought she was twice me. Dream on, Big Sis!


I hope you enjoyed this interview. To learn more about Sarah Davies, visit The Greenhouse Literary Agency website, or her bombshell blog.