Laurie McLean is an agent at Larsen-Pomada Literary Agency…and she rocks. She rocks so hard, you don’t even know. You don’t. Trust me. Laurie’s super-fun personality and PR expertise make her every writer’s dream-agent. Looking for a reason to stalk–er, talk–to Laurie? Done. Look no further than the YA A to Z Conference coming to Austin, TX April 16-17. Can’t afford a ticket from New Zealand (just go with it) to Austin, TX? No worries. I’ve already asked the most important questions for you. I’m like…psychic. Right? Right!



1) Red and Yellow are in a deep, committed relationship together. But recently, one color cheated (it was a one-time thing. It didn’t mean anything). Which color cheated and why?

Yellow, of course, because he has a streak a mile wide!  Coward that he is, Yellow was jealous of the way Red was so in control and confident and bold. So he cheated with Blue–who was suffering from a bout of depression and thought cheap, anonymous sex would cheer her up but it didn’t–and now Red is vacillating between the need to spill some of Blue’s blood and the desire to kick Yellow to the curb where he can lay in a puddle and rot. (She won’t do either though, because she has a heart as big as a box of valentine candy.)


2) If you could be reborn as an animal, what animal would it be?

An Orca.  Also called a Killer Whale (and really cool looking), Orcas get to hang out in the sea year round in extended families called pods, and can drink cheap lattes in the port of Seattle where good coffee was invented (I think I read that in the new memoir from Starbucks’ founder…)


3) You must do one of the following: skydive every day for a year, or take a round trip to the moon. Which do you choose?

Oh, the moon! The moon!  I want to check out the dust, hike a crater, take that moon buggy for a ride, and look at the earth from a new vantage point.  The moon!  The moon!  I’m going to dream about that trip tonight!


4) Ice Cream. Chocolate or vanilla?

Yuck.  Hate ice cream.  Would rather have a salad.  I’m weird like that.


5) If you could move to another city today (and have all expenses paid for a year), where would it be?

Hey, I live in San Francisco.  I’m not moving anywhere!  But you can still pay my expenses for a year.  It’s heckexpensive here.  🙂


I hope you enjoyed this interview. To learn more about Laurie McLean, visit her bio page or super-fab blog, or follow her on Twitter.