As a writer, Lauren Oliver is ridiculous – ridiculously amazing! I recently read BEFORE I FALL, and to say it was outstanding is the understatement of the year. This book was easily the best I’ve read since Crocs were cool. No lie. So when I heard home girl was releasing her next book, DELIRIUM, on 2/1/2011, I knew it was time to stalk – I mean email – this Goddess of YA Fiction and ask her some very serious, very tough questions. Enjoy!

1) Would you rather get in a fight with 10 cats, or 3 dogs. Why?
10 cats. They might claw you to pieces, but at least they won’t bite off your entire face. And I am quite fond of my face–it has been with me for a long time now.

2) You just bit someone’s nose. Why?

Is it, like, a nibble or a chomp? If it’s a nibble, it’s a love nibble. If it’s a chomp, it is probably because he/she tried to feed me a banana. Or perhaps because the person got a Michael Bolton song stuck in my head at 7:47 a.m…. *gives evil stare

3) What’s your favorite Michael Bolton song (yes, you have to choose)?
“How Can We Be Lovers (If We Can’t Be Friends)”
How can we start over if the fighting never ends?
How can we make love if we can’t make amends?? How???

4) Would you rather go without sleep for 3 days, or not be able to get out of bed for 5?
DEFINITELY not get out of bed for 5. Actually, that sounds like my idea vacation, if you replace “bed” with lounge chair and throw in a pina colada.

5) If I told you that you had to lose one color from your vision forever, what would it be?
I would immediately go to pink, but you’d lose so many vivid sunsets. I think probably beige. Beige could go.

Hope you enjoyed this interview. Now go buy her awesome books, then buy a few more for your friends. Peace!


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