I read the first page of Kiersten White’s PARANORMALCY, and bought it that day. No lie. That’s the kind of writer home girl is: captivating. Her book is fresh and funny, and I greedily drank every drop. Imagine my delight when I realized the author of this fab book was much of the same. Funny. Sweet. Engaging. I simply had to interview this queen of dark humor and share her answeres with the world:

1) Would you rather wrestle an alligator or a grizzly bear? Why?

Grizzly bear.  Just as many teeth, but cuddly fur, making the wrestling snugglier.


2) Would you rather have the power to manipulate the weather, or be BFFs with Taylor Swift? Why?

The weather, for sure.  Mostly because the weather wouldn’t ever want to talk about John Mayer.


3) You just dropped your glass of wine. What’s your excuse?

I don’t drink alcohol, at all, ever, and someone just waved a Dr Pepper in my face.  Had to get rid of that glass as fast as possible!


4) Who’s your favorite Backstreet Boy?

I prefer the Backalley Boys, myself.


5) Elevators or escalators? Why?

Escalators, but only because if they get stuck there is no claustrophobia factor.



I hope you enjoyed this interview. Now buy her delicious book. You’ll love it. I promise. Would I lie?


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