I just finished reading the dark and fabulous Nevermore and OMG I’m dying for a sequel. This book reintroduced my high school fantasies about dating the guy who wore eyeliner and head-to-toe black. I loved the length of this book, having read so many short YA books recently. It allowed me to sink into the story for days…and it felt dirty-style good. After putting the book down, I had to reach out to Kelly Craugh, Queen of Dark Fantasy, and ask her some slap-it-to-me questions:

1) I just put a pool in your backyard and filled it with a delicious liquid. What’s in your pool?

Warm melted chocolate. Mmmm. Good for the skin, too, right?


2) What’s more terrifying: seeing a tornado head right for your house, or finding a T-Rex in your backyard?

Wow.  I can’t really run from either, can I? I think T-Rex is more terrifying. Not only is it a vicious carnivorous blood-thirsty creature, it’s supposed to be extinct. So if there’s a T-Rex out there, what else is out there? Oh jeeze, are there raptors, too? Oh hell. What if those little ones are hiding close by, stashed in the bushes? You  know, the ones who ate the kid at the beginning of Jurassic Park Three? And the cute one that lures you in then spits tar in your face? Yeah, I can’t handle extinct monsters chilling in my backyard. I’ll take the tornado, thanks. At least I know what to expect. Dorothy even got an alternate (Technicolor!) dimension out of hers and I think we can agree that green witches are the lesser evil here. P.S. The only upside to the T-Rex would be seeing the neighbor’s faces. I’d know they’d all look at me with that “This is your doing, isn’t it?” expression. Heh heh.


3) I just gifted you a Venus Flytrap. How  do  you  plan to care for it?

Not with my bleeding finger, I’ll tell you that.  I’ve seen Little Shop of Horrors. I know the drill. Gah! This is the T-Rex all over again! On second thought, I would like to never have to go to the dentist again. My dentist is really nice, though.  I don’t think I’d feed him to Bubs. That’s its name, Bubs.  You know, last time I had a plant I accidentally killed it. That Hyacinth straight up caught the D.E.D. Or, more accurately, I think my half-underground short-on-sunlight apartment killed it. Hmm. My friend Jenny is an Orthodontist. She lives directly above a bakery. I’d give Bubs to her. She’d know what to do.


4) You’ve entered an arm-wrestling competition. What’s your strategy?



5) Using one word, what’s the best advice you have to other writers?

RUN! (I wish I could explain that, but I’ll be good and stick to the one word quota here.)



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