Dia Reeves is complete twisted…in a wonderful, beautiful way. Her books add a splash of distrubia that many authors shy away from. But not this bomb-shell writer. Her debut book, BLEEDING VIOLET was accepted by readers with open arms, and in my opinion, it only got better with her latest, SLICE OF CHERRY. I absolutely had to get inside this wicked girl’s mind and ask her some fun questions. Enjoy!

1) Who is your favorite Backstreet Boy (you must choose)?

Justin Timberlake. Okay technically not a Backstreet Boy, but what are you gonna do? Sue me?


2) Would you rather be able to predict the future, or read minds?

Predict the future. People are so gross, I wouldn’t dare to peep into the depths of their brains.


3) I just stole your most prized, material possession. What was it?

Not my collectible Tom Servo action figurine? Curse you!


4) Your neighbor’s dog keeps barking without cease. What do you do?

I recently discovered that I’m passive-aggressive, so instead of confronting the neighbor, I would retaliate by blasting the song “Who Let the Dogs Out?” in an endless loop until the neighbor and her dog dropped dead of earworm.


5) Someone just turned you into a cat. Would you rather be a stray, or a house cat? Why?

A stray. Don’t try to fence me in with your Fancy Feast and your catnip. The only lap I like to curl up in is the lap of freedom.



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