My interest in media & marketing is what first brought me to Daisy Whitney. Her knowledge of the subject and her ability to communicate new market trends is more than impressive. Oh, yeah, and she can also bust out a best-selling teen book in her free time. Ah, envy. Such a beautiful thing. Below is a short, fun interview with this incredible, multi-talented author of THE MOCKINGBIRDS. Enjoy!

1) You wake up and realize that you grew a tail overnight. What kind of tail is it, and what will you use it for?
A cat tail. It is black and sleek and soft and I spend the day showing it off. Then I have it removed.


2) What is your favorite TV show? What would be your response if someone canceled it?
30 Rock. Devastation. Loss. A hole in my heart that only Jack Donaghy can fill.


3) I just burned every copy of your favorite book. What did I burn?
A River Runs Through It. But I have a copy on my eReader, so take that!


4) Would you rather have the ability to grow scales on your skin, or feathers?
Feathers. Because they make wings and I fly away.


5) Would you rather be trapped in Antarctica or the Sahara Desert? Why?
It doesn’t matter because I just learned to apparate and I would leave either one instantly!


I hope you enjoyed this interview. Now visit Wonder Woman’s website or buy her awesome book below:


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