Oh-Em-Gee. Get outta’ here. I mean, GET OUT! That’s what I thought as I finished reading Beth Revis’s, ACROSS THE UNIVERSE. It was easily the most original YA book I’ve read all year. And considering how many YA books I read, that’s quite serious. This outstanding, leave-you-thinking-about-it-long-after-it’s-over book now sits proudly on my Keep Forever shelf. Naturally, it was time to reach out to this All-Star writer and ask her some noggin’ scratchin’ questions.

1) Would you rather have a third ear or a third eye? Why?

Third eye! I would hope it would be magical, like Mad Eye Moody’s, and I could see all over with it.


2) The government decides that in the future, they’ll only allow one television program. You can vote on either  Baywatch, or Jersey Shore. Which do you choose and why?

Baywatch. At least there was a plot.


3) You just found out that one of the letters in the alphabet is going to jail. Which letter is it and what was his offence?

Y–it’s shady. Sometimes a vowel, sometimes a consonant. I’m pretty sure it’s a double-agent.


4) What is your favorite type of food? What would you do without it?

Pasta!!! Without pasta….I’d probably lose a lot of weight, LOL!


5) You wake up in a basement. Brad Pitt is explaining the rules of Fight Club. What is your exit strategy?

Fight my way out. And then not talk about it.


I hope you enjoyed this interview. Now you should totally check out Beth’s awesome website. Or, buy her to-die-for book:



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