It’s been said that Amy Boggs can move mountains with a whisper, calm raging storms by snapping her fingers, and stop nuclear warfare with the flip of her hair.  At least, she could if she wasn’t busy being agent-fabuloso.

Amy is a graduate of Vassar College, has worked at Donald Maass Literary Agency since 2009, and as it turns out, has as undying passion for David Hasselhoff:

1. Would you rather go on a picnic with David Hasselhoff, or Spencer Pratt. Why?

Easy: The Hoff.  For one, I had to Google who Pratt was, and honestly, I’ve always been way too much of a goody-two-shoes to enjoy the people-rewarded-for-behaving-badly type of reality TV.  For two, Knight Rider!  I’d just be sure we didn’t bring any wine along.


2. If you didn’t have a nose, what would be your excuse?

For adults, I would take a page from Terry Pratchett’s Duck Man and pretend to have no idea what they were talking about:

Nosey Nancy: “What happened to your nose?”

Me: “What do you mean?”

NN: “Your nose.  It’s not…y’know…”

Me: “I’m sorry, I don’t understand what you’re asking.” *look of polite innocence*

NN: “…Um.”

Seeing curiosity and propriety battle it out in their minds would be rather priceless.  Children aren’t polite, though, so I’d just warn them to only play “Got Your Nose” with people who understand the rules.  Or maybe I’d just run around with a stick yelling, “Avada Kedavra!”  Too many choices!


3. Would you rather have your eyes glued shut for a day, or have a magnetic head for a month? Why?

Definitely eyes glued shut.  With a magnetic head, I’d get stuck to a subway car the very first day, and while I’d meet interesting people, there’s only so much enjoyment one can have from riding a train end-to-end for a month.


4.  Would you rather wrestle a wild chimpanzee, or Snookie? Why?

Snooki, for sure.  I’m nearly 5’10” and come from a long line of cowboys and vikings.  I’d squash her easy.


5. Would you rather have the power of invisibility, or be able to make anyone you want disappear? Why?

Invisibililty.  I’d love to be a fly on a million walls.  Also, I wouldn’t trust myself with the power to make people disappear.  I’m generally a gentle giant, but sometimes my temper gets the better of me.  I certainly shouldn’t be trusted with super powers that don’t come with a ctrl+z.


I hope you enjoyed Amy’s interview. To contact her, visit the Donald Maass website or follow her on Twitter.

PS- Amy sometimes wears large boots. It’s true.