Meet Natashya Wilson. She’s the Senior Editor at Harlequin TEEN, which makes her a pretty friggin’ big deal. Like, bigger than pajama jeans, or iced lattes, or Justin Beiber (but we’ll get into that later). Since home girl has had a hand in some of the greatest YA books to hit the market, I simply had to pick this editor extraordinaire’s brain. Enjoy!


1) As a strong and stunning Great Dane, you were elected president of the Three-Legged Canine Society. What is your first act as leader?
Wow, that’s a big responsibility! What kind of shape is this organization in? What are the main concerns of my three-legged kin? Do I have three legs, or four–do I know firsthand what the concerns are? If not, my first act is to go among the Society members and talk to them about what their priorities are. And to bite anyone who tries to buy off my loyalties or pressure me into acting against the interests of my group!


2) Would you rather sit next to a loud talker for three hours, or be mute for twelve?
Hmm. That’s a hard decision, I think both would be very like me. If the loud talker is entertaining, I do like to listen. But I’m also fine being very, very quiet for extended periods. Do I have a good book with me? If so, I’ll take mute for twelve.


3) Pink cotton candy or blue?
Pink! But I’m an equal-opportunity cotton candy eater. If I can avoid the blue tongue and lips, great, but if not, I’ll make my kids laugh and enjoy the blue just as well.


4) Justin Bieber is obviously God’s gift to women everywhere (right? RIGHT?!) Please describe your perfect date with the Biebster.
Oh right, most def! Actually , I’d love to meet him to talk, preferably at a place he enjoys being and feels comfortable. I bet he’s had a fascinating time of it and has great stories, and I love hearing insiders talk about their business, especially music, it is a fascinating, crazy world. I would of course insist that we have a chaperon–no hint of any funny business!


5) Would you rather have wings made of weightless gold, or a never-ending bar of calorie-free chocolate?
Oh, you’re killing me here. Being able to fly is possibly my fondest fantasy. And yet–never-ending chocolate…? Is it GOOD chocolate, like, Sees, my fav? Okay, okay–I’ll take the wings! I’m not crazy. Much.


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