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To celebrate all things amazing, I’m interviewing my agent, Sara Crowe. May you go forth and create beautiful author websites for yourselves and secure a top-notch literary agent to boot!


1) Sara Crowe, here’s my first mind-boggling question. Why did you believe Titans would be a story readers, and my editor, would be interested in?
I know both Erin and I felt that this is a story your readers would love, and were excited from the first pitch. It is as unputdownable as Fire & Flood, and the pacing never lets up.  And it has a strong heroine, something else I think your readers know you will give them. 


2) Who do you identify with more? The main character, Astrid, who internalizes and quietly calculates life’s many decisions, or Astrid’s best friend, Magnolia, who makes decisions quickly, and with only her heart as a guide?
I think of myself as more of a planner– though certainly have also made decisions only with my heart.  


3) If you rode a robotic horse on a dangerous race track, what would be your winning strategy? Would you win?
I had one horse back riding experience, on a family vacation in Barbados, and I remember whispering to the horse the entire time to please go slower and to please stop soon, and that the happiest moment of the experience for me was when I was taken off the horse.  So I think this means I would not win.  


4) Besides steel horses, what would your dream manuscript contain at this very moment? 12th century castles? Frenemy goblins? Lethal llamas?
I am never really looking for anything so specific–but for something I cannot yet imagine, like steel race horses.  


5) What do all the manuscripts you represent, including Titans, have in common? In other words, what are you a sucker for in a book? 
I feel so lucky that all of my clients continue to surprise me with each book they write, as this one did.  It also shares a strong voice and setting, two things I love. And a lot of heart even with all of the action. 


6) Chocolate-fudge cake or vanilla ice cream with sprinkles?
I like chocolate more and more as I get older, but am a vanilla dessert girl still.  And I love sprinkles.  


7) How do you take your coffee?
I like cappuccinos and lots of foam.


That’s all, folks! You’ll see why I adore Sara, and why–if you’re an aspiring author with dreams of being traditionally published–you should query her right now!