Megan Records is an editor at Kensington Publishing. I know, I know. That’s awesome enough, right? But what if I told you she has personality galore, or that I’ve heard my agent talk about her coolness level more than once. You’d probably be all, “Oh, I have to know this chick!” Right? RIGHT! Okay, so I did ya’ a solid and interviewed this Queen-O-Editing and pasted her answers right here so you could weep in their glory. Let the adoration of Megan Records begin.


1) If you could taste one color, which would it be? What would it taste like?
I want to taste this one: It’s called Strawberry Margarita. I’m hoping it tastes like one!


2) Would you rather have the ability to control time, or the ability to shrink and grow at will?
Control time, definitely. I could make the weekend last forever and the regular workweek go by like that! *snaps* Also, I’d hopefully get to wear a cool Time Turner-esque necklace like Hermione.


3) You just waded through radioactive water. You will now have either four legs or three arms. Which are you hoping for?
Three arms. I have enough trouble finding pants that fit as it is. But with a third arm, I can just cut a hole in my shirt.


4) Pet cheetah or pet sloth?
Cheetah. It could eat me, but I think it would be nice to pet, whereas sloths grow algae on their fur and I really don’t want to be petting algae.


5) Someone just stole your favorite pen (everyone has one). What is your reaction?
It’s okay. I equip all my pens with LoJack.  I can figure out exactly which cubicle it’s in. I will soon be stalking the culprit and leaving threatening notes until the pen is returned.


I hope you enjoyed this interview. Feel free to stalk Megan on Twitter or on the Kensington Publishing website.