Yesterday, I spoke at the School Library Journal Summer Teen event. It was crazy-cool and yeah, a little nerve wracking. But it was also fun. Fun to talk about Dante. Fun to talk about being a writer. Fun to have people care. 

One thing I addressed during the appearance was where the idea for THE COLLECTOR came from. My answer was two part. First, the idea came because I feel like many of us girls meet Mr. Dangerous before we meet Mr. Right. And we usually have this innate desire to have him change for us. Mr. Dangerous doesn’t say the right thing, he doesn’t do the right thing–and a lot of times he isn’t the best human being out there. But he’s sexy as hell and he is broken. And by God, we want to fix him. I think the appeal of a guy like this is that when he does finally fall, he falls hard. And he loves with this ferociousness that’s overwhelming. So yeah, I wanted to tell that guy’s story. The bad boy.

Also, I had this idea about what someone’s soul is worth. I thought about what I would have sold my soul for at age seventeen. And whether that would be different today. I feel like everyone has a price. Yes, everyone. It may be to acquire money, fame, beauty…or to save the life of someone you love. But I do believe everyone would put a price on their soul. And once I started obsessing about that, I couldn’t stop.

The last piece of the puzzle came on a five hour drive to my parent’s house. I imagined the narrator being the devil, but quickly changed that to the narrator being the devil’s employee. I snatched my pink laptop from the backseat and while my hubby drove, I wrote what’s now the first chapter of THE COLLECTOR. It’s crazy to think that a few months after that drive, my agent sold the trilogy. And I went from being a writer, to an author. And now, in seven months, you guys will be able to read that first chapter.

I hope you love it.

I hope.

I hope.